It happens only in India! Auto Rickshaws are the cheapest mode of transport and most of the people prefer using it to travel from one village to another and also to the cities. A rickshaw can carry a maximum of 10 passengers until this video.

The auto driver in Telangana has proved all of us wrong and literally managed to carry 24 passengers (including women and children) in his auto. The video shows a policeman stopping an overloaded vehicle and ask all the passengers to de-board it. By the end of the clip, at least 24 people can be seen coming out the auto after which the cops ask them to pose for a family photo.

Since the video went viral, Netizens have asked the police officer to focus on providing a better public transport system in order to avoid such situations.

The Commissioner of Police Karimnagar also took to Twitter to share the clip. He tweeted, “People should take care of their own safety. They shouldn’t board in overcrowded passenger autos unmindful of their safety”.

Watch the viral video here:

This is how netizens related the video:


There are several cases of road accidents due to overboard vehicles. one should take care of the safety first before travelling on such things.