New Delhi: A spate of fresh oxygen for 15 minutes. That would cost you Rs 299. A business idea that must have flopped in many Indian cities but is rocking in Delhi, thanks to the skyrocketing pollution of the city. But what after 15 minutes? Won’t you have to come back home breathing the PM 2.5 laden air?


An oxygen bar came up early this year in the post part of Delhi. They had no idea what the pollution situation was going to be like this year. But they must have noticed the pattern of how pollution takes the centre stage of political discourse during October and November.

According to reports, the machines have been sourced from the US. They can create air with 95% of Oxygen. But if you have any respiratory illness, then it’s not for you. It’s more like a spa, a rejuvenating session.

Portable Oxygen cylinders are also available online. A pack of three will cost something around Rs 1,700.

Meanwhile, the smog cover in Delhi-NCR dispersed a little by strong winds on Saturday, resulting in a momentary decline in the pollution levels.

“Strong surface winds, gusting up to 25 kilometers per hour, blew in the region, reducing the smog and bringing slight relief. Windy conditions are expected on Sunday as well and the air quality will improve further in the next two days,” news agency PTI quoted Kuldeep Srivastava of India Meteorological Department, as saying.

(With Agency Inputs)