The latest Vodafone 4G ads with the cool grandpa and grandma who enjoy dancing in beaches and going parasailing have been winning our hearts between the Indian Premier League matches and in between our favourite youtube videos. With the theme of #MakeMostOfNow, the adorable elderly couple, Shanta and Dhananjayan impress us with their chemistry and acting skills, but these two are a talented couple who have been making India proud for decades. The Padma Bhushan winning Bharatnatyam dancers have been teaching dance and running a business in Chennai before becoming stars for Vodafone.

The 78-year-old V.P. Dhananjayan and 73-year-old Shanta Dhananjayan have become famous as Asha and Bala from the Make Most Of Now ads for Vodafone 4G. These latest series have six ads where the couple is seen doing some wild activities like trying adventure sports like parasailing to getting tattoos. These six ads promote various smartphone features like video calling, photo sharing, maps, video streaming and Facebook Live which are made far more accessible and easy to use with Vodafone’s data network plans.

The couple has been awarded the Padma Bhushan awards for their extraordinary work in the field of arts. The couple spoke to afaqs about their acting stint and said, “Nirvana Films (production house) approached us to do this campaign. When I heard that Prakash Varma is directing the Vodafone ads, which are written by Ogilvy, we ventured into it.” Thought marks in exams are everything in life? This video will compel you to rethink.

Watch one of the #MakeMostOfNow ads by Vodafone India here

The ads which were written by Ogilvy had characters which are enchanting, and the Vodafone 4g ad series has become a series like no other. The advertising giant is known as one of unique ad makers in the industry and has previously given us gems like the Bournvita ad on how grades don’t define us. The happy go lucky couple shared a lot about their experience shooting for these ads which required them to do some extremely daredevil stunts like running a scooter, parasailing, or the most uncomfortable of them all for Dhananjayan, wearing shorts(he usually wears a veshti).