Netizens who pounce on even slightest mistake recently got another reason to have a great laugh after a Pakistani anchor confused Apple Inc with the fruit during the live programme. She is being trolled heavily for thinking that her panellist who was talking about Apple Inc is referring to Apple, the fruit.

The matter came into light after a Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat posted a video clip on April 4 of the show in which anchor was discussing with a panellist about Pakistani financial conditions. He wrote, “Apple business and types of apple, just some regular tv shows in Pakistan..”

When the panellist said, “Alone Apple’s business amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan’s annual budget”. Thinking he is talking about fruit business, she said, “Yes sir, I have heard there are copious varieties of apples and the business is quite big”, the startled panellist promptly corrected her saying: “I am talking about the Apple company, not the fruit.

Watch the funny video here:


Twitterati reacted quickly. “News Channel’s or Comedy show,” said a netizen. “That’s why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but they don’t say psychiatrist away,” said another.

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