When it comes to cricket, Indians become the most illogical people and believe in every single superstition that is otherwise ignored. This issue arises especially when a player fails to perform well, and cricketer fans try to blame anything and everything except the batsman who failed to make runs. This is exactly what happened when Virat Kohli was bowled out a duck against Sri Lanka in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match. Fans soon found the person to blame, Pakistani Anchor Zainab Abbas and her ‘cursed selfies’. After a lot of research and data analysis, Twitterati began trolling the Pak anchor as she had taken selfies with both Virat Kohli and AB deVilliers both of whom were dismissed for a duck in their last matches.

Twitterati was quick to make this absolutely senseless connection between Zainab Abbas’s selfies and the batsmen’s performance on the field. Twitter was soon full of jokes and memes on the ‘hidden talent of the Pak anchor and her cursed selfies. It all started when South Africa’s AB de Villiers was out at duck for the first time in his career of twelve years following a selfie with the anchor. This incident took place when Sout Africa faced Pakistan in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. A Twitter user made the connection and wrote, “Appreciation tweet for Zainab Abbas.”

However, things escalated quickly when the Indian Captain and star cricketer Virat Kohli was dismissed from the field in India vs Sri Lanka match at The Oval, and people found out that Virat had also posed for a selfie with none other than Zainab Abbas. From mathematical deductions to the analysis of this “proof” Twitter was full of high-end research to prove that Zainab was responsible for these unfortunate events and her selfies were tagged as ‘cursed’. Even a fellow journalist made fun of her, and the cursed selfie and Twitter was soon full of trolls and jokes on the poor Pakistani anchor. Here are all the best of jokes and memes on the incident.

What started it all

There were complicated deductions involved

Her fellow journalist joined the trolls

And other began with the jokes

And some felt sorry for her

Others were busy making requests

People also had some warnings

And Zainab took all the trolling like a true sport

And this is what Zainab had to say

Zainab took the entire event as a true sport. However, we cannot help but feel sorry for the poor state of affairs and the fact that a talented anchor has been reduced to a cursed selfie. While we applaud her courage and sportsmanship, we wish that people grew up and stopped being so ridiculous when it comes to cricket. This is not the first time that some absolute third party is being trolled for a batsman’s performance on the Pavilion. Earlier Anushka Sharma was also trolled for her presence when Virat Kohli did not deliver a good performance on the field.