New Delhi, Sep 28: A new video of a Pakistani father teaching a little girl to use AK47 has taken the internet by storm. Amid, the recent attacks that India has faced, this comes as a terror threat for the world. The video was shared on twitter by Javed Aziz Khan where a little girl is seen sending a message to India. The video shows a Pakistani father teaching his young daughter how to fire AK 47. The little girl is seen speaking in some regional language. All that can be understood from her statement is that she is seen threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The video features a small girl and it’s clearly understood that she is being taught to do and speak so. Pakistan doesn’t seem to have gotten a clear answer from India. It has yet again shown the world that it hardly cares about anything. The video has drawn criticism from twitterati and has been termed as a shameful act by Pakistan.(ALSO READ: Pakistan man challenges Narendra Modi in the most funny manner (Watch video)

The two nations India and Pakistan are reeling under a rift over a number of issues these days. Amid all this, people have expressed their rage on twitter. The tensions between the two grew even more after the recent Uri terror attack that took place on September 28. Despite several efforts, the conflict between India and Pakistan hasn’t been resolved since ages.

In another similar incident that took place last year in September, a Pakistani man was seen challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his video. However, the hate speech was rather funny than threatening and people went on a laughter ride after watching it.