Dubai: A Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai is winning praises for his honesty after he went an extra mile and returned a purse full of cash and valuable documents to an Indian girl, who had forgotten the articles in his cab’s backseat.

As per a report by the Gulf News, Raechel Rose, a Keralite and a corporate law student at Lancaster University in the UK, was on her way to her friend’s birthday party on January 4, when she lost her wallet in Modassar Khadim’s cab.

”She had got into his taxi with another friend near Burjuman around 7.30 pm on January 4. Just then, they saw their other friends in another car and decided to join them. They immediately left the taxi and Rose didn’t realise that she left her wallet behind.” her mother, Sindhu Biju, told Gulf News.

The wallet contained her UK student visa, over 1,000 Dirhams (Rs 19,000) in different currencies. After Rose realised that the wallet had gone missing, the family approached police for help and checked the CCTV footage but to no avail as the car’s number plate was unclear.

Meanwhile, Khadim noticed the wallet on the front seat after he had finished two other trips. He then called up RTA’s call centre and asked for their assistance.

After Khadim was told that another department would reach out to him, he decided to report the lost wallet to the police. He even tried to get Rose’s contact through her mobile service provider and the insurance company, however, he couldn’t, because of as privacy clauses.

However, the RTA call centre later called and provided him with Rose’s number, following which he went to her house to drop the wallet.

After he handed over the purse, Rose’s father overwhelmed with his help, rewarded Khadim with 600 dirhams. He initially refused the offer but accepted it upon the family’s insistence. Later, Rose’s family also wrote a letter to RTA in appreciation of Khadim’s honesty and help.