Pakistan’s heaviest man Noor Hassan, who weighs 330 kg has now been admitted to a hospital in Lahore for treatment. A resident of Sadiqabad district in Punjab province, Pakistan was transferred by a group of civilian and army rescue teams with the help of a special military helicopter. Javed Bahwa, Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General had to make special arrangements for Noor’s transfer and treatment after he appealed former for the help.

At the hospital, he will be treated with laparoscopic surgery as he is unable to move freely due to overweight and other medical complications. As per the reports, the rescue team had to break the wall of his house to make him pass through the gate as he was too big. Pakistan media reports have also termed him as the heaviest man in the country. However, there is no official confirmation on this.

Earlier, similar case into the limelight where Michigan firefighters had to cut in the sides of a house and use a forklift to take out a 408kg man out from his second-floor bedroom. The man was immediately admitted to the hospital for gastric bypass surgery.