The Pakistani media is known for misinforming people and misinterpreting the news which actually never happened at all. Blaming the Indian government for supporting terrorism in Kashmir is one of their agenda. Latest is the video released by the Express News channel from Pakistan where the news anchor is continuously blaming and targeting India for all their problem in the country. The anchor who is fumbling, is seen making baseless arguments and saying that India is misinformed.

Talking about India, the anchor is calling us country an elephant with a brain of a rat. He showed the video of Indian media channel — ZEE news — which shows a video that in Baluchistan of Pakistan, children in the age of playing cricket have taken up arms in their hands. Now this Pakistani news anchor has taken a jibe at the way the new was covered by the Zee news. He says that India is doing these kind of videos because Pakistan has given proof of Indian terrorism in the United Nation Security Council and with these type of videos India is taking a revenge from Pakistan. We wonder is the anchor fool or misinformed? Well there is a lot more to come, so keep reading. (ALSO READ: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Rahul Gandhi: Top 3 similarities between the dumb dynastic leaders of India-Pakistan)

The so anchor even went to the extent by saying that these days ‘Indian terrorists’ are returning back in the country because they are not getting any political asylum in either in United States or in the Europe. With all the continuous bullshit comments and false allegations, the anchor is trying out his best to prove that terrorism is spread in Pakistan by the Indian terrorists. Along with it, he is also seen raising the issue of Kashmir and its problem due to army’s interference. He is also seen blaming that India is trying to give asylums to terrorists in New Delhi. Wow! That’s interesting.

Now this super knowledgeable journalist does not stop here. He says that India is blaming Pakistan for everything,  but in its own North-East, one-third of the population of India is asking for independence and the police is not able to enter the territory. The Prime Minister is not allowed to speak in Hindi in Tamil Nadu, as ordered by the chief minster Jayalalithaa. Are we that fool to believe you? This man is seriously misinformed and an addition to yet another ‘Pappu’ from Pakistan. We would advice you to check your facts correctly first and then speak.

Here is the video.