Leeds: Social media users can’t stop trolling a Canadian couple after they posted a job listing seeking a private nanny and personal chef for their daughter. Well, their daughter isn’t a small child, but an 18-year-old law student who is fully capable of taking care of herself.

The ad reads: ‘Nanny required to cook and clean for my 18-year-old daughter who is going to University of Leeds in a demanding first year program- Law. She has a driver who can pick up the groceries and drive her around but someone to ensure she eats well and lives without the stress of laundry, cleaning as her study schedule is very intense.’

The advert says that the potential candidate needs just one year of experience babysitting and no CV is required to apply.


It further reads ‘This applicant does not need to be a gourmet chef, simply someone who can ensure my daughter eats three healthy meals a day and the fridge is always full of healthy snacks, juice etc.’

The ad has been viciously trolled on Twitter, with one user exclaiming that “rich people are actually mental”.

“Seriously?! If she can’t look after herself as a student how the hell is she going to manage in the real world practicing law ?” another user exclaimed. Here is how people reacted:

Some laughed it off and were more open-minded about it:

What do you think of the ad?