Standup comedian Stephen Colbert paid his tribute to the Paris Attacks. In his characteristic style, his speech was laced with plenty of sarcasm, wit and thinly veiled barbs at the perpetrators. He starts of by saying that he is going to eat French fries as a mark of respect. Ironically, the fast food item was designed by Americans and there is a misconception that it came out of France. He rattles on about how USA’s ‘Statue of Liberty’ –  a symbol of freedom emerged from the European nation. There are visuals of famous monuments around the world and how they paid their respects to the brutal attack, which killed 129 people. There are other parallels that he draws from France and the similarity with the Paris attacks and the 9/11 Twin Tower bombing crashes.

Colbert then talks about how he has cats who do backflips and that the terrorists and the feline animals had one thing in common- “They were both pussies”. Watch the full video below: