Parsis are all set to celebrate Parsi New Year 2017 falling on August 17 (Thursday). The regional festival also known as ‘Jamshedi Navroz’ and Pateti is one of the six significant celebrations of the largest minority community in India. The followers of the Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest known monotheistic religions, Parsis celebrate Pateti following the rituals and traditions. Pateti which takes place on the eve of New Year ‘Novroz’ over the years is celebrated as single-day festival Pateti or Parsi New Year. A number of Happy Parsi New Year and Happy Pateti wishes in the form of best quotes, SMS, Facebook status and WhatsApp GIF image messages are sent to family and friends. Pateti also known as the day of repentance is about purifying mind and soul of all grave sins and looking forward to a new and brighter year ahead. From wearing new clothes to visiting fire temples to exchanging gifts and saying Pateti Mubarak or Happy Parsi New Year, the festival is truly colourful.

The history of Parsi New Year dates back to over 1000 years ago, making it one of the world’s most ancient festivals. It originated when Islamic armies invaded Persia and forcing them to convert their religion, the peace-loving Zoroastrian people had no option but flee their home soil. They travelled to India and Pakistan where they were provided asylum. The followers of Zoroastrianism, the first religion to believe in only one all mighty God were offered shelters by then ruler of Gujarat. This event of settling down in a new land epitomized a new beginning – hence a call for a New Year day. Parsi New Year Celebration in India: Here’s How Parsis In India Will Celebrate Jamshedi Navroz 2017.

Parsis continued with their original lifestyle by introducing new traditions and rituals to the land. They brought in the famed, Shenshai Calendar, according to which the new year falls sometime in August and is known as Pateti or Parsi New Year. As a matter of fact, the name Pateti is derived from the word ‘Patet’ which means repentance, but over the years it is celebrated as a single-day festival. Pateti or The Day of Repentance is to purge the mind and soul of all the mistakes and sins done in the year gone by. Once it is done, the Parsis can wish each other ‘Pateti Mubarak’. Here’s a collection of beautiful verses, quotes, text messages, GIF images and status which can be sent to family and friends wishing a Happy Parsi New Year 2017. Parsi New Year 2017: Date, History & Significance of Pateti Festival.


WhatsApp Reads: Like birds, let us, leave behind, what we don’t need to carry…Grudges Sadness Pain Fear & Regrets, Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. Happy Pateti!


WhatsApp Reads: May the glory of King spread all over, May Lord praise us in galore, Let’s pray for happiness and prosperity…May this Parsi New Year give us Happiness. Lasting ever and ever!!…Happy New Year!


WhatsApp Reads: May the stars shine upon you, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears, and above all, May this New year be wonderful! Happy Pateti.


WhatsApp Reads: Naya Saal aaye banke Ujalaa, Khul jaye Aap ki Kissmat ka Taala, Hamesha Aap per rahe Meherban Upar wala, Ye hi Dua karta hai apka yeh chahne wala…Happy Pateti 2017!!!


WhatsApp Reads: Before the golden sun sets, the old calender is destroyed, And mobile networks get jammed, I wish in new year every moment is enjoyed. Happy Pateti.


WhatsApp Reads: Nights are Dark but Days are Light, Wish your Life will always be Bright. So my Dear don’t get Fear, Coz, God Gift us a “Brand New Year” Happy New Year & Pateti. Pateti Wishes Greetings.


WhatsApp Reads: May you achieve success in every facet of life, and all your heartfelt wishes comes true, Wishing you a Happy New Year of Happiness & Prosperity, Happy New Year.


WhatsApp Reads: Subah ho yaa shaam ho, Din ho yaa raat ho, Jaane kaise bhi halaat hoN..Hum nahi bhoolenge aapse kehna..Aaj hai Jamshedi Navroz..Dua hai yeh ki ye din aapka khaas ho..Mubaarak Navroz. Happy Parsi New Year 2017.

Besides the repentance, when a follower purifies his mind of all the sins and mistakes committed the previous year Parsis celebrate Pateti festival or Parsi New Year with great joy and fervour. The day is commemorated by followers seeking health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, growth and productivity. In this festival, four ‘Fs’ play a significant role. They are – Fire, Fragrance, Food, and Friendship, which play an integral role in the Pateti festival celebration. We wish everyone celebrating the day, a very happy Parsi New Year 2017.