Actor Payal Rohatgi is facing the ire of social media yet again for her opinions on Sati Pratha in India and mentioning Raja Ram Mohan Roy as a traitor and used to malign Hindus. It all started when Payal shared a link on the truth behind Sati on Twitter and wrote, “Sati was NOT supposed to be #forceful. It was the choice of a Hindu woman. Later Indian society used it for its own evil motives & 2 target Hinduism.” The actor even cleared that she is not glorifying Sati and just stating facts about it ORIGIN & misuse by selfish Hindus.

Check out the Tweets posted by Payal Rohatgi:


On May 20, Payal Rohatgi said to change Delhi street names on Mughal rulers. The tweet read as, “Change the name of every street in Delhi named after Mughal invaders to Hindu Kings. Let’s glorify the heroes for a change. Not the villains. Change Khan Market to Valmiki Market. This is my freedom of speech. Deal with it Indians. #MondayMotivation”.