Hyderabad: Most cinema halls in India don’t allow people to carry food and water inside, leaving them with no other option but to buy highly-priced food and beverage items.

Fed up with the same, Hyderabad-based anti-corruption activist Vijay Gopal, had filed a complaint with the Hyderabad Consumer Forum two years back, after he was charged extra on water bottles and filed an RTI (Right to Information) query to get to the bottom of it.

And the findings of the query are set to change a lot of things.

In a good news for cinema-goers, the query has revealed that multiplexes cannot prohibit the public from carrying their own food and water bottles inside a cinema hall. The police clarified there are no curbs by law to carry food and water inside cinema halls.

As per the Cinema Regulation Act of 1955, people who come to watch a movie in theatres have zero restrictions in carrying their food boxes or water bottles. Despite the law, many multiplexes stop the public from taking their food inside, citing security issues and the unfair trade practice is still observed all over India.

However, if such is the case, you can even file a complaint with the Legal Metrology Department if they try to stop you.

Further, the query also revealed that single-screen theatres cannot charge extra money for 3D glasses and a complaint can be filed in case regarding that. There is also no provision that stops a customer from carrying his/her own 3D glasses to a theatre if they do not wish to pay for it.