New Delhi: As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc, some people have got a false idea that the deadly virus is somehow related to Corona beer. Internet users seem to be confusing the Mexican lager Corona for the virus and curious to know if the drink is responsible for the disease or not.

Google searches for “corona beer virus,” “beer virus” and “beer coronavirus” started trending ever since the news of virus broke and have continued growing as the outbreak moved out of mainland China.

Between January 18 and January 26, searches for “corona beer jumped 2,300% globally, as per data from Google trends. Meanwhile, searches for “beer virus” jumped 744% in the same period, and searches for “beer coronavirus” jumped 3,233%.

The searches have been prevalent in North America, western Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and even India.

Well, that just shows how terribly misinformed people are, and this dumb rumour has now sparked a lot of humour on Twitter:

However, the beer company Corona Extra isn’t affected much and says it trusts customers not to link its beer to the deadly Wuhan coronavirus in China.

For those who are still confused– The coronavirus is a deadly new strain of virus that originated in China, infecting thousands of people and leaving more than 350 dead. Meanwhile, Corona, a beer produced in Mexico, isn’t connected to the virus or its outbreak in any way.