Trust Indians to find creative ways to take part in the celebrations of Navratri, especially while performing Garba. In another interesting incident from Gujarat, people in Surat wore PM Narendra Modi-masks while playing Garba on Friday night. Several pictures and videos of people covering their faces with PM Modi-masks went viral on social media yesterday. The pictures and videos that surfaced showed people decked in colourful-sparkling traditional Garba dresses and hiding their faces under the masks. News agency ANI also reported the same and released a video from the Garba night.

People all across the country have found out interesting ways to perform Garba this year. A few days back, a group of Garba dancers wore helmets while performing to promote road safety among people. After the Central government increased the amount of fine against violating traffic rules, a Garba group in Surat tried to spread more awareness about traffic rules and road safety through their jig.

Videos and Pictures of the group were circulated widely on social media and members were seen enjoying the group by wearing stunning clothes with helmets over their heads. Check out this video:

Utilising a major festival that’s celebrated widely to promote social awareness is the best way to contribute to society. People doing the same during Navratri festivities is totally appreciable.