There are a number of people we all wish that never were born. But that’s just plain spiteful. Many wonder how some people make it big in India. Then again it’s a screwed up place. So for that specific reason we all have to bear with the clowns of India everywhere we go. The only good aspect of them being around is that they make great conversation starters. Here are the a few people whose fathers should’ve just slept off instead of lighting up someone’s fire:

1. Sreesanth 

He wasn’t too talented in the game but at least was being selected in IPL matches. The south Indian then used his brain to cook up an ambitious plan to make more money! The cricketer used a towel in a few cricket matches to ruin his career. Spotted by all viewers when he’s crying, Sreesanth is a running joke in cricket.

2. Salman Khan 

Let’s just put it this way, had his father used protection that special night, lot of people would’ve been alive in Bandra. And if news of him being a virgin are true, after being with Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif and some Ukrainian hottie, Salman’s dad should learn on how to stay a virgin.

3. Tusshar Kapoor 

The untalented brother of Ekta Kapoor and Jeetendra’s son is known well for his ‘special’ talent in the Golmaal franchise. His voice is annoying to one and all and the loser has a huge following for his incredible acting skills. Tusshar is the only failure Kapoor in the whole world.

4. Uday Chopra

The chocolate boy of Bollywood most noted for his devilish good looks in Neal n Nikki is envied by all for being the butt of all jokes. No one has ever got so much fame for anything! The talentless Uday is known to bring the Chopra family shame.

5. Rakhi Sawant 

Ms Sawant is the hottest commodity in the entertainment world. She gained star status in the world of Big Boss and went on to heights that no one can ever imagine. Everyone’s still wondering how she was displayed as the hottie in Main Hoon Na.

6. KRK 

kamaal-facebookThis specimen is a huge hit on Twitter and sits on his arm chair like a certified critic. Who the hell does he think he is? The most delusional person in the world also gives kisses to every new hottie in Bollywood. “Good night and kisses only to Asin.”

7. Fardeen Khan 

When you see Feroze Khan, you can only wonder how he exuded style and charm. But when you see his son Fardeen Khan, you see excreta. Not once has he failed his reputation. But he did a good job in ‘No Entry’.

8. Rahul Gandhi 

Rahul-Gandhi-addressing-press-after-resultsBound to become Congress’ PM candidate for the General Elections, Rahul Gandhi is a man who has no idea what he’s doing. He adds to his party’s joke book and instead bringing other political parties into play.