Much to the chagrin of US President Donald Trump who predicted that he is going to be the TIME magazine’s Person of the Year 2017, comes the news that the magazine has chosen a bunch of courageous men and women for the award. The Silence Breakers as they are called by the TIME magazine relegated the US President Donald Trump to the second spot on the award list. The group of men and women who were chosen for the award shook the world as part of the #MeToo movement which gave an opportunity to women to report about the sexual assault and sexual harassment.The #MeToo was a global movement which helped women come to terms with the crimes against them and gave them an opportunity as well as a platform to speak against this and highlight the fact that they are not alone in being a victim of such horrendous crimes and treatment.

A woman is victimized not only once but several times, once when she is sexually harassed and second when she is victimized and blamed for the crime. Numerous times people ask that why did she go there, why did she meet him alone, why was she out at night and why was she wearing such clothes. The blame invariably comes back to the women irrespective of the fact that she is the victim of the incident and not the perpetrator. Many sexual offenders are let off for being a good student or first-time offenders and lawyers argue that a sentence or a punishment will put a blot on their future but nobody gives a fig about the woman who must live through the trauma of being assaulted and taken advantage of. Barack Obama Photographer Pete Souza Reminds Donald Trump The Correct Behaviour For A President In His Instagram Post

Now TIME Magazine has gone ahead and awarded this coveted award to people who stood up and spoke about sexual harassment and assault. The announcement was made on Wednesday on NBC’s Today Show, and was also posted on their official Twitter handle. The #MeToo oncept was started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006 but it gained immense momentum in 2017 when a series of allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced. Barack Obama’s Ex-White House Photographer Pete Souza Trolls Donald Trump With Former’s Time Magazine Covers

TIME magazine’s announcement

Many people on Twitter applauded the choice and hailed the judgment. Sample a few tweets below. Twitter User Asks who is a Badder B**ch Than Taylor Swift, Netizens Comes up with answers

A brilliant choice

An entire movement of fearless women

Really apt choice

Couldn’t have been more on point

A whole load of courageous people

Good move

Activist Adama Iwu, actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, strawberry picker Isabel Pascual and former Uber engineer Susan Fowler featured in The Silence Breakers cover for TIME magazine. Many debated the choice of Taylor Swift in the lineup and felt that Rose McGowan should have been there too. However, this is a great move and TIME magazine must be applauded for such a decision. US President Donald Trump came second on the list and Chinese President Xi Jinping came third on the list.