A record petrol and diesel’s price hike in the country has got consumers feeling the heat as the international price for fuel skyrockets and the rupee weakening. The pressure on the government for reducing the duty has increased as people looks for some relief on prices.

The price of petrol in July 2014 was Rs 73.60 per litre, for diesel was Rs 57.84 per litre and the Indian Basket Crude oil was at USD 106.30 per barrel.

As of today, the price of petrol is at a record high of Rs 76.57, diesel is the highest its ever been at Rs 67.82, and the Indian Basket Crude oil is at USD 79.13 per barrel.

This price has been rising for the last one week and this marks the 8th straight day of upping the fuel price.

This cause of concern has twitter flooded with both people that are upset and people who are releasing their stress through funny memes and tweets.

Cost of petrol is the highest in Mumbai at Rs 84.07 per litre and the lowest at the lowest in Panjim at Rs 70.26 per litre. Other cities that have been affected are Bhopal at Rs. 81.83 per litre, Patna at Rs 81.73 per litre, Hyderabad at Rs 80.76, and Srinagar at Rs 80.35 per litre.

Cost of diesel is the highest in Hyderabad at Rs 73.45 and the lowest in Port Blair at Rs 63.35 per litre. Other cities that have been affected are Trivandrum at Rs 73.34 per litre, Gandhinagar at Rs 72.63 per litre, Patna at Rs 72.24, Jaipur at Rs 71.97, Mumbai at Rs 70.12 per litre etc.