The Andhra Pradesh police team seems to be making their Twitter presence strong by raising awareness on various civic issues. After Mumbai and Bengaluru Police who grabbed attention on Twitter with their tweets, now it seems to be Andhra Pradesh police who are gaining grounds on the social media. Afetr photo of a Hyderabad police officer smilingly looking at a grinning baby whom he and his team saved after he was abducted, here is another photo that has become the talk of the town.

Hyderabad Police Photo With Abducted Baby Is Winning The Internet: See Picture Of Kid Smiling At The Hero Cop

Hyderabad Police Photo With Abducted Baby Is Winning The Internet: See Picture Of Kid Smiling At The Hero Cop

Not every day you see a policeman standing in front of a biker and his family (all of them on the bike) with folded hands. So this picture of Andhra Pradesh police officer is special in many different ways. Probably fed up by the ignorance of the riders or asking them to not go ahead so dangerously, a cop stands still as the riders look at him. A picture shared by the Karnataka IPS Officer Abhishek Goyal on Twitter shows an officer bowing and folding hands in front of a bike with five people including two children sitting before the rider and two women behind him. Also, none of the riders are wearing helmets.

According to The Indian Express, the incident took place in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district. As per the report, Circle Inspector B Shubh Kumar of Anantapur’s Madakasira Circle is pleading in front of the traffic offender. Abhishek Goyal tweeted the picture saying, “What else can he do ? We always have a choice .. chose the safe one ! #BeSafe” he hilariously captions the picture.” The tweet received positive reactions on social media with Twitterati explaining road safety measures and the need to follow it.

Here is the photo:

The report quoted Shubh Kumar as saying, “I had just finished a one-and-half hour programme on road safety awareness in which that man was also present. My mind went blank when I saw the five of them riding so dangerously and all I could do was fold my hands in total resignation, helplessness, and frustration. I asked him to think of the safety of his family as he did not have a minimum sense of responsibility towards them. As the two kids were sitting on the fuel tank, he had little room to maneuver because their legs were stuck to the handlebar. Accidents happen like that only. When I confronted him, he just smiled back at me and murmured something.”