Former US President Barack Obama is trending on social media from past few days and the reason is not politics but his new photo. Yes, a photo of Obama sporting a salt and pepper bear has been doing rounds on the internet. The viral picture which is a fake one has still led many believe that he indeed grew a full beard. The picture has sent tweeple into a frenzy as well. Twitter user tweeted: “While folks are playing games, Obama’s out here infiltrating & dominating the whole beard gang and looking like “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” #StayThirstyMyFriends.” “WHAAAAAAAT?!!?! Obama grew a beard?” tweeted another.

Barack Obama Lists His 'Favorite Songs, Books Of 2017' And Twitterati Is Very Impressed

Barack Obama Lists His 'Favorite Songs, Books Of 2017' And Twitterati Is Very Impressed

Reportedly an entertainment site called The Shade Room posted the picture of bearded Obama on their website and since then the picture is floating everywhere. The website imagines many famous celebs with beards and allows fans to vote for who should join the Beard Gang. Many people realized that the picture was an edited one but still people want Obama to sport a beard for real.

Here is the viral picture of Obama:

Here are the Twitter reactions:


We want to know her reaction

Kudos to the editor

Few didn’t like the style

Indeed he is looking like one

We are hoping too

While some are really pushing Obama hard to get beard there are few who didn’t like his fake facial hair. One of the Twitter users wrote: “President Obama looks terrible. Some of us can’t rock a beard, Barry. Sorry for your luck.” Many always wanted Obama to have a post-presidential beard as during his term he was always clean shaven. Famous Men’s magazine GQ even dedicated an article during his last week in office. The article which was titled as Let’s Help Barack Obama Choose His Retirement Beard, showcased varied looks for him. What are your views about this viral picture? Let us know in the comments below.