Gandhi Jayanti celebrations in India have always included various funny jokes and videos remembering the great Mahatma Gandhi. The latest addition to the Gandhi Jayanti jokes being forwarded shows a young girl completing her ‘Gandhi Jayanthi’ project by cutting up pictures of Mahatma Gandhi from the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 Indian Currency notes. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2, and there are various debates whether the picture of the girl’s Gandhi Jayanti project is real or fake. The picture is being blindly forwarded by many who find the scenario to be hilarious, however, not many know that cutting or destroying the Indian currency notes is illegal. The image has also stirred debates on whether the image is real or fake. Fake Rs 500 Note Picture Goes Viral on WhatsApp! Here’s How to Recognise Original vs Counterfeit Currency Notes.

A picture showing a young girl writing her school project that reads ‘2 October – Gandhi Jayanti’ with cutouts of Mahatma Gandhi’s face from eight Rs 2000 notes and six Rs 500 notes, is being circulated on various social media applications like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. The image is being captioned “This little girl made a project on Gandhi Jayanti and her mother is still in shock.” While this image is being forwarded as a joke, it is important to know that actually cutting notes or destroying the Indian currency in any way is illegal in our country.

Many people are responding to the image by highlighting the fact that damaging the Indian currency notes is a punishable offence which is illegal. A currency note is basically a promissory note or legal bond and the person using these notes does not actually own the note. The ownership of the currency note stays with the Indian government. They are sovereign securities that should not be tarnished or harmed in any way. A close look at the image shows that several notes with the same serial number are being used in the project and people are debating if this is a mere work of photoshop or whether the girl was actually using coloured photocopies of the note.

The Gandhi Jayanti 2017 Joke

The Serial Number is same in several notes

indian currency destroyed

This is another example of people sending random pictures, videos without actually verifying the story behind it. the ‘forwarded as received’ trend in WhatsApp is being used by many as an excuse to avoid fact-checking and spread the fake news in the masses. We wish that such forwards stop and we finally begin to check for facts instead of spreading false news.