A portrait of a toddler peeking through the US-Mexico wall has been turning heads and making news for all the right reasons. The portrait of the toddler peering through the wall came up in the same week that the US President Donald Trump scrapped the Dreamers Project. United States President Donald Trump scrapped the American immigration policy, DACA that protected approximately 800,000 individuals and received a lot of spat for this sudden decision. French artist who goes by the name of JR put up this giant portrait on the border wall. The pictures of a toddler peering through the US-Mexico border have now gone viral and the artist is receiving appreciation from all over the world.

JR erected a 20-metre-tall photo of a baby peering through the wall with the most innocent looks. The French artist erected this impactful picture after having a dream about this art idea. The portrait depicts one-year-old Kikito, who lives in the border town of Tecate and has already moved people all over the world. The impeccable timing has helped JR’s work of art to be recognised by a larger audience even though he did not intend for this to happen. The main idea behind JR’s installation was to promote discussions on immigration and aimed at drawing attention to the issue in a positive way.

JR had the project in making for almost a year and found the perfect location in Tecate. JR had been working for years to highlight the issues of immigration and only wanted to raise questions. “Now as an artist, I think that it’s amazing that the piece arrived at a moment when it creates more dialogue. Because the idea itself is to raise more questions,” media daily quoted JR. The internet, however, cannot get over the fact that the picture captures the emotions of several people who were protected by the DACA project.

The innocent toddler makes an instant connection

The art installation has attracted a lot of attention

People are busy thanking JR

May the dreamers save the world

Nobody can deny the timing

DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an American immigration policy established by the Obama administration in June 2012 that protected 800000 dreamers. DACA has allowed young immigrants brought to America illegally as children to remain in the country and provided them with a pathway to citizenship. DACA played an immensely important role for the immigrants in America to live a mentally healthy and comparatively easy life as the policy helped increase the wages and labour force participation and reduced the number of unauthorized immigrant households living in poverty. However, President Trump’s government scrapped this program on September 5, 2017, and gave the Congress 6 months to figure out a solution for the people who were covered under the DACA policy.