The internet is a place where we get to see all kinds of videos from creative ones, funny ones to bizarre ones. In fact, these days anything you post can go viral. recently, a video of a senior pilot sleeping while on duty went viral on social media and is now making headlines.

A senior pilot of the China Airlines, the national carrier of Taiwan, was recorded sleeping aboard an airborne plane. Reportedly, a co-pilot recorded the act.

Watch the video here:

The pilot who was said to be flying a Boeing 747, has been punished for his act.

Reportedly, the senior pilot had almost 20 years of experience. The video of the pilot soon went viral on social media. In the video, he can be seen dozing while on duty. His co-pilot recorded the video and shared it and he had no idea about it.

According to Chinese local media reports, the pilot was disciplined for breaching the safety protocols of the airline and being fast asleep while the aeroplane was still flying. His co-pilot, who recorded the video, was also disciplined for not waking up the pilot.