Pizza Gio: Australia's first ever pizza vending machine

Australia has been gifted with a first ever pizza vending machine! Yes, you heard it right; George Pompeii has come up with his creative venture of a ‘Pizza Gio’ pizza vending machine. The machine gives you yummy and crispy pizza in just three minutes. This is a first ever one of a kind machine installed in Sydney.

George Pompeii owns a line of Pizza and Pasta in Bondi beach. He was inspired by a similar project while he was travelling in Italy. The Pizza Gio is a genius pizza machine that dishes you an amazing 11 inch pizza as per your choice. What the machine does is it loads the pre baked pizza and blasts heat on it and then dishes it out. All you need to do is select toppings as per your choice, choose payment mode, and collect your pizza and then your change.

Earlier there was uproar about a newly launched cupcake ATM machine, and now this pizza vending machine adds to the amusement of the foodies all over the globe. We hope there are more instant vending food machines to keep us satiated!

Check out the Pizza Gio vending machine in action below!