With the blockbuster success of PK we look back at some of the most awesome aliens who’ve graced the big screen and made a difference to humanity. Some of them came to destroy us while others – like PK – helped our planet become a better place.

1) PK



Portrayed admirably by Aamir Khan, PK – like his real-life counterpart – has the ability to make people think. He is quite loveable compared to most people who visit our planet (think Alien or Predator) and speaks in an amazing Bhojpuri accent he picked up from a prostitute. PK’s quest to get back his remote control sees him question the blind-faith people have in religious gurus.

2) Superman

We often forget that our favourite superhero was actually an alien who was sent to earth as a baby by his father when his home planet was destroyed. Brought up in Smallville by down-to-earth parents, Kal El aka Clark Kent, was a god among men but used his powers to fight evil. Over time, he also became more fashionable, ditching his heavily-gelled quiff and underwear-look.

3) ET

The first movie alien to enter our consciousness, ET was conceived by Steven Spielberg and became the most popular alien for a long, long time. Interestingly, ET has a desi connection. Legend has it that movie is based on story written by Bengali auteur Satyajit Ray called The Alien. In fact, Ray was supposed to direct a movie on it in Hollywood but things didn’t work out. While Spielberg has denied claims of plagiarism, directors Martin Scorsese and Richard Attenborough, pointed out similarities between ET and Ray’s creation.

4) Optimus Prime

The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is a brave, powerful and wise leader who ends up on earth after their planet Cybertron is destroyed. Optimus usually transforms into a huge truck and is always ready to fight for freedom.

5) Jadoo

Jadoo – India’s answer to ET – has done great good and evil. While he himself didn’t do much wrong and just helped a mentally handicapped boy, he is also guilty of giving birth to the most annoying superhero of all time – Krrish! Still, Jadoo remains loveable and he really had no way of knowing that the child he helped would spawn such an annoying progeny.

6) Ford Prefect

A travel enthusiast from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ford Prefect spent 15 years on earth before it got destroyed. He is an alien journalist who is researching for the Guide and loves alcohol and a good time.

7) Alien

Now this is one truly terrifying creature that does nothing else except propagate their species and destroy life that poses a threat. More than anything Alien is responsible for giving sci-fi one of its most kick-ass female action heroes, Ellen Ripley.

8) The Predator

Like the Alien, the Predator is another species which seems to have no purpose other than kill and destroy. While the Alien looks to mutate and reproduce, the Predator seems to hunt for fun or as a rite of passage. It also doesn’t kill when it perceives its game as not being a threat!

9) Klaatu

Appearing in The Day The Earth Stood Still, Klaatu is an alien that comes to earth to tell us that we need to change our behaviour or earth will be annihilated.

10) Yoda

And finally, the smallest and perhaps the most powerful alien on our list – Yoda. The oldest and most powerful Jedi master on the planet, Yoda talks in a unique way and kicks ass whenever we see in action. While the original trilogy shows Yoda training Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force, the prequel trilogy shows him as the master of the Jedi Council who keeps the peace in the entire universe.