YouTube is full of wonderful and amazing videos but this video is really one in a million. American roads are long and straight because they were designed to function as emergency runways in times of war so that planes could land on the highways rather than crash land which was not only wasteful but could lead to innumerable and irreplaceable human losses. Here’s a quick peek at what we are on about in this post.

America is not at war but the needs imagined during the planning of their roads has helped a pilot save property and probably his life when he had to make an emergency landing in the middle of a busy road. Lucky for YouTube user CalicoStrike who had his HD camera on his car’s dashboard recording as he witnessed a plane land at an intersection while he was stationary behind another car at a red signal.

The Piper Cherokee aircraft was being used to impart flying lessons to a rookie pilot by the Prange Coast College by a professional instructor when apparently the engine of the single engine plane shutdown. Fortunately for the two souls on board the plane, the signal was at red and they managed to successfully land the plane without breaking any traffic rules. Check out the once-in-a-lifetime video below.