Two planes just escaped the accident by two seconds on the runaway. An easyJet plane A320 was on the runway when Norwegian Boeing 737 coming from the United States was given the clearance to land. As per the reports, the incident took place in August last year but the news was made public UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch on Thursday. It took place at Edinburgh airport where the planes managed to avoid the close shave by just two seconds. The two planes came within 875 meters to each other.

The Civil Aviation Authority described it as ‘runway incursion’ and said, “The 737 was over the runway surface when the A320 was still on its takeoff roll.”

The video of the incident was shared by AAIB  on YouTube where both the planes can be seen escaping the crash.

As per UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), “A combination of factors, including brief delays to the departure of the A320 and the speed of the Boeing 737 being higher than normal, led to the reduction in separation before the controllers became aware of the closeness of the aircraft.”

They further said, “The trainee controller lacked the experience to resolve the situation in a timely manner and the supervising On-The-Job Training Instructor judged it safer to let the 737 land than to initiate a go-around in proximity to the departing aircraft.”

Watch the video here:

The incident also resulted in the introduction of refresher training programs of the employees.

As per The Independent report, easyJet was making a normal departure when Norwegian plane crew were told to maintain a speed of at least 160 knots which also led to the Jet’s faster approach than normal.

Notably, Edinburgh is Scotland’s busiest airport and UK’s sixth busiest.