Have you been planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar to take a break from the scorching heat of the Mumbai? You may want to check the temperature at the hill station before finalising your decision. Because unlike the usual times, the hill station is not going to help you as the maximum temperature at the getaway is higher than that of Mumbai. Blame it on global warming or anything, your favorite hill station no longer remains the chilly spot. According to weathermen, the vast change in temperature is not a good news. Earlier IMD had predicted that hill stations will experience soaring temperature during summer months in the country.

According to The Times of India, the temperature recorded by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) at Mahabaleshwar has been higher than that observed at in Colaba and Santacruz in Mumbai. While Mahabaleshwar is Mumbai popular and closest getaway spot during summers, weathermen have observed a reserve trend this time. As per reports, if maximum temperature recorded at Mahableshwar on April 13 was 35.9 degree Celsius then IMD recorded 34.8 degrees in Santacruz. The same phenomenon was seen on April 12, too, when Mahableshwar was 35.2 degrees while IMD Santacruz recorded 34.1 degrees. Temperature recorded on April 12 at Mahabaleshwar was three degrees above normal and that of South Mumbai. Hill stations to be hotter this year predicts IMD, tourism likely to be affected

K S Hosalikar, deputy general, western region, IMD said, “Planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar? Weather department says it is hotter than MumbaiThe anticyclone over Saurashtra in Gujarat is carrying north-easterly warm and moisture-less winds to this place, causing Mahabaleshwar to get hotter. Also, the easterly wave is merging with north-easterly winds in the area. However, as the position of the anticyclone has been inching down latitude-wise, the direction of north-easterly winds is likely to change, which is likely to result in lowering of temperatures at the hill station in the coming week.” Hosalikar also said that in the coming two days Mumbai will witness a further two-degree rise in temperature. (Image Credits – Hello Mumbai Facebook)