New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told the global community in Bangkok that it is the best time to invest in India as the country is undergoing transformative changes.

However, citizens of Delhi-NCR who are struggling to breathe in the toxic air, don’t really think it’s a good idea. With the Air Quality Index (AQI) not showing any signs of improving, Delhiites are in a panic mode and social media is abuzz with blaming the government for lack of policies against pollution control.

Many users took to Twitter to question this statement, and to remind that all is not well in the country vis-a-vis the rising menace of air pollution.


A number of social media users shared pictures and videos of the haze enveloping Delhi and criticizing the rise in air pollution.



New Delhi was enveloped in heavy, toxic smog on Sunday with flights diverted or delayed as citizens struggled to breathe in the so-called ‘gas-chamber’. They are now imploring the government to take concretes steps instead of indulging in a political blame-game

On Sunday, the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Cabinet Secretary of India on Sunday held a high-level meeting through video conferencing with officials from Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana over the ongoing pollution crisis in the national capital.

Meanwhile, the odd-even traffic rationing scheme has come into force in Delhi-NCR from 8 AM today and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued a fresh appeal to Delhiites asking them to support and follow the odd-even scheme. Following this, the Delhi government advised people to remain indoors as much as possible.