Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country on New Year’s Eve, December 31. The much-anticipated speech by PM Modi somehow lacked his trademark flair and ferocity. Apart from the missing Narendra Modi’s signature style, the Twitterati also raised questions about his New Year’s Eve address to the nation being recorded. Yes, the video was doubted to be not live, proving to be biggest concern in Narendra Modi’s speech while welcoming New Year 2017. The social media went into a tizzy with tweets aimed at Modi’s ‘recorded’ speech. The Twitterverse complained of the video bearing untimely ‘jump cuts’ and noticeable edits, giving away the fact that Indian Prime Minister’s hyped address video for the country was not live one.

The surprising announcement of PM Modi’s addressing live to the nation on New Year’s Eve 2017 had kept the internet buzzing, but when the speech actually took place, it has been branded as a damp squid by the Twitterati. More so, Narendra Modi was already under fire after the 50-day period sought by him to better the cash crunch situation across the country got over on Friday, December 30.

Narendra Modi’s speech are full of power and flamboyance, which was apparently missing from the latest one. The man-in-charge and widely popular leader in the political world spoke about a series of schemes for the country’s economically backward sections on New Year’s Eve. He rolled out several initiatives ranging from housing loans for the middle class and rural poor to financial assistance for pregnant women. It is not the first time nation heard their benevolent Prime Minister addressing them but they truly missed out on the Modi’s sharp wit and earnest feelings. More so, the skepticism over the New Year’s Eve speech video as recorded only dimmed the excitement further. Here’s a look at series of tweets which will give you mixed feelings, funny and angry about claims of Narendra Modi’s ‘recorded’ speech on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Rahul Kanwal, news anchor on India Today Television and Aaj Tak, tweeted about Narendra Modi’s speech on New Year’s Eve. He wrote: “One India. Two Netas. One who doesn’t want to miss his new year break at any cost. The other who doesn’t want to take a break at any cost.” But a certain Twitter user enlightened him about the real truth behind the video. 

Just felt its early recorded speech of Modi Ji and NOT live, spotted an edited scene. #ModiSpeech

— iDev (@iDev_Kumar) December 31, 2016

Several tweets alleging Narendra Modi’s recorded speech read: This speech, and all it’s cuts, looks pre recorded. But no, no, keep going on about how hardworking Modi ji has no New Year’s plans”, “#Jumla_e_Modi : Desh Marwa raha, Mei recorded Bhasaand Live dikhwa raha… #ModiSpeech Ka golmaal! Check Again!”, “The speech was already recorded it could’ve been aired on some other day. Sadist in the truest sense, Modi. #tbh”, “A minute of silence to all the ‘mitron’ who thought Modi was live today. It was recorded”, “Modi’s new year speech was pre-recorded. Because one can’t lie thousand times LIVE. Mitron”.

The much-anticipated New Year’s Eve speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally took place at 7.30 pm on Saturday, December 31. But something seemed amiss in PM Modi’s address to the nation Narendra Modi did not mention the term Mitron (friends) in his speech to the countrymen – not even once! The conspicuous absence of the word, Mitron from PM Modi’s speech took the Twitterati by surprise, sending social media platform into a tizzy. The Tweeple shared their suspicion over Modi’s speech to be a recorded one rather than a live speech.

Whether the video was recorded or not, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi did make announcement for the betterment of the backward sections of society.  He said that the government would give the rebate of three and four percent on interest rates to the people who seek loans to build their houses in 2017. “To make the people of the middle class and the poor to buy or build their homes, the government has brought to schemes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana,” Modi said in his address to the nation on New Year’s Eve. He said a concession of four per cent will be given to those take a loan of up to Rs 9 lakh and three percent on Rs 12 lakh.