India’s outgoing Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh delivered his farewell speech on May 13, 2014, three days before the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 counting date of May 16. Dr. Singh, who represents the Indian National Congress party, was speaking at the National Media Centre on Raisina Marg, New Delhi.

In the question and answer session after his official speech, Dr Singh was asked his opinion on leaving office in the midst of rampant corruption charges. To which he replied that all the cases of corruption were before his tenure, in the earlier UPA government.

One would have expected a better answer from Dr. Singh, but since he is anyways on his way out now, he preferred to wash his hands off any corruption or graft charges.

He also targeted the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, saying it would be disastrous to have Narendra Modi as the next prime minister of India.

Watch the video below to follow the full Q&A session of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s farewell speech on May 13, 2014.