Travelling to another country means a zillion things right for passports to visa clearances and what not for humans. However, the rules of the animal kingdom are a lot different from the man-made ones and the animals usually do not bother about the rules and regulations set by humans but follow their own path. Something similar happened when an elephant decided that it needed to take a nighttime stroll from China to Laos. The elephant went out of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province in China and went over the barricade and entered Laos. A video showing the elephant gingerly stepping over the barricade has gone viral on social media because people are amazed at how polite and considerate the mammal’s actions are that it did not do any damage to the barricade but just gently stepped over it. The polite and considerate elephant is seen in the video going for a nighttime stroll across the China-Laos border.

A CCTV footage captured at the Chahe check-post shows the elephant approaching the border and stops when it sees the railing. However, the elephant just stepped over the railing without breaking it. Its polite and considerate manner has made many Twitter users laugh out loud. However, it seems Laos did not hold much excitement for it and the elephant returned after two hours and this time around takes the side lane instead of stepping over the blocked railing again. Elephant Expresses Gratitude After Its Baby Was Saved in Kerala in This Heartwarming Video

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The elephant’s midnight adventure has left everyone in splits, as the people are mighty amused over his politeness. However, many lamented the fact that if only they could have the same kind of freedom to other places without getting into the hassle of visas and passports. Sample a few tweets below. Baby elephant falls on his face while playing with birds, runs to mommy! Watch hilarious video

If you’re an elephant then you don’t need a visa or a passport

Wow, what privilege

Such a polite mammal

So considerate

Humans impose barriers on each other

Your gate sucks

Support this open door policy

Brexit example

Free travel?

Date night

Night-time stroll is a must

Love across the border

The footage captured by the surveillance camera shows the elephant going over to Laos and then coming back to China after about two hours. Twitter users poked fun at the video and remarked on the elephant’s kindliness and politeness for the humans without damaging the railing as it stepped over it.