Pornstar Sunny Leone to play Goddess Sita? Watch people react to the news!

Imaging: Jyoti Desale

Would you like to see pornstar and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone play Goddess Sita, sacred to Hindu mythology? Watch people reacting to the fact Sunny might be cast as Sita in an upcoming Hindi film on the epic Ramayana.

When asked if our Hindu mythology is being ignored for the sanctity it holds, the youngsters in Delhi come up with various reactions. Some say that considering her past this would be something new. While others say that being an actor is a different thing and the fact that she is an adult movie star should not intrude into her B-town career!

And that you can’t judge her by her profession; being a pornstar is her job.

When asked where they heard about this news, they come up with random sources from the top of their mind recall. Nonetheless. it is quite evident from the Sortedd TV video that no matter what Sunny Leone would do, people would love to see her! As a boy puts it, “She’s very hot!

Even though it’s fictional and there are no chances of Sunny being roped in to portray the character of Sita, let’s just look at these people from Delhi weighing the probability of it happening. Check out the people lying through their teeth!

Watch video below!