A spooky video of a allegedly possessed baby has gone viral. The world wide web freaking out watching a possessed toddler caught on nanny camera video footage. The internet is losing its mind over a video of a baby late in the night crying for his mother. The baby named Connor gets up late in the night crying for his mother. The baby slowly tries to climb up on the crib and manages to perfectly balance on the edge of the crib. The baby continues crying even when on the edge of the crib for some 30 seconds.

Since the baby has been captured on night vision, it is making it seem as if the baby’s eyes are glowing in a weird way. Although it is not that difficult for the baby to balance, but it is kind of mind boggling looking at the toddler balancing on the edge of the bed. Also it might have caught the attention of people online since it comes across as similar to the independent found footage supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity.You can watch the much debated video here.