After the extreme rainfall flodded Chennai, the people are now braced for more rain in the coming days. But the rains and the flooding has resulted in a collapse of Avadi bridge in the rain You can watch the live footage of a portion of a two-decade-old bridge collapsing0 on the Avadi-Poonamallee High Road. The incident took place near Tiruverkadu on Wednesday.

The rain water flowing below the bridge eroded the pillars of the two decade old Avadi bridge.You can see in the video how the bridge collapsed into the river in the matter of few seconds. The rain battered place is receiving enough rescue work.  Although during the weekend most of the parts of the city witnessed showers, in many places the water has now receeded.(ALSO READ: Nestle supplies Maggi noodles to rain-hit Chennai)

The government aare distributing preventive medicine for those affected by the flood. Medicines were distributed for diarrhoea and other water-borne infections. Also, the price of the consumables have gone up post the erratic week of the rainfall. But now after much hassle the train and bus services are functioning. Also the Chennai airport is now operating airlines.(ALSO READ: Chennai Airport becomes fully functional from today)