This video will prove to you that you should never mess with a woman. The video clip was recorded in a place called Ceilandia, near Brazil, where a woman was seen destroying her husband’s car to take revenge. The woman seems pretty upset about something, and what could be a better way than to destroy a man’s most priced possession; his car! (ALSO READ: Wife dumps cheating husband with huge advertising billboard alongside Sheffield Parkway!)

The woman’s baby bump is clearly visible through the top she is wearing as she rushes to the car to destroy it in day broad light. The car is parked near a restaurant where apparently the husband and his mistress are having lunch together. In an attempt to take revenge of her husband’s affair with the mistress, the woman is seen stomping her leg on the roof of the car, breaking the windscreen as well as the back of the car. She hurls a stone from the roadside to break the glass, and then further hits it with her palm making sure that it is properly destroyed.

People who were witnessing the incident were so amused that they recorded this shocking incident and uploaded it on YouTube. By the time the video started streaming most of the car was already destroyed. The husband is nowhere to be seen, as he might have been too scared for his life to confront his wife who was in so much rage. You can watch the whole incident in the video below.
Wife dumps cheating husband with huge advertising billboard alongside Sheffield Parkway!