Have Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari just been claimed to have ‘raped’ some Members of Parliament (MPs)? One of India’s leading and oldest television news channels, India Today found themselves in an embarrassing situation on December 16 because of the horrendous ‘rape’ typo. The channel made a major faux pas while doing a news report on the winter session of Rajya Sabha that has just concluded. The news was about Indian Vice-President and Chairman of the House Mohammad Hamid Ansari rapping the MPs and asking them to introspect. But India Today accidentally misspelled the word ‘raps’ and wrote it as ‘rapes’ on live TV, changing the context entirely! The news channel flashed the statement reading – “After President, Vice President Ansari Rapes MPs” (Ouch!). A complete oversight on their part left India Today to be the butt of online jokes. The picture of TV screens flashing the bizarre headline is floating on social media, with the Twitterati having a field day!

Vice-President Hamid Ansari asked the MPs to introspect after he was forced to adjourn the Rajya Sabha sine die. Leaders of Opposition raised issues over demonetisation yet again, leading to disruption in the proceedings of the Upper House of Parliament. Ansari said, “All sections of the House need to introspect on the distinction between dissent, disruption and agitation.” The rap from the VP of India came a week after President Pranab Mukherjee expressed his displeasure regarding the obstructions caused by the proceedings. Indian Prez had said, “For God’s sake, do your job… Dharnas can be organised anywhere else.” Well, it was ‘rap’ and not ‘rape’ by one of the senior most leaders of the country! India Today in a hurry caused the terrible mistake, which spread like wildfire on microblogging platform Twitter. ALSO READ: Parliament disruptions: Vice President Hamid Ansari raps MPs.

Tweeple are already demanding an apology from India Today for this callous mistake on their part.

But others are simply furious!

In the age of Breaking News, media channels are on overdrive when it comes to being the ‘first one’ to cater to news. In their bid to outrace competitors, there is always a risk of going wrong with the basics. To avoid the disastrous mistake like in India Today’s case, it is better to check twice than be left red-faced in the future! (Send in your viral stories and pictures to team-buzz@corp.india.com.)