What happened when an American journalist was asked to get into the shoes of two-year-old Prince George’s shoes, well not quite literally into his cutesy shoes but generally be like him for a week? Obviously he jumped at the proposal without thinking twice. And the result of his now seen as a wise decision turned out to absolutely hilarious with 23-year-old Max Knoblauch becoming an internet sensation with his viral video. Also Read: Prince George’s pictures going viral; Kensington Palace WARNS paparazzi to stop harassing Royal Baby.

Max who dressed up as royal baby for a week got himself the near resembling costumes of the famous outfits worn by Prince George. It included the adorable sailing boat dungarees worn by Prince George during his tour of New Zealand to the famous blue sweater, shorts and knee socks outfit, which Prince George wore while paying a visit to his new born sister Charlotte at the Lindo Wing. Well, the cutest of all outfits was Max trying to look like the sweet boy in ruffled shirt and red shorts that he wore to his sister’s christening. Also See: CUTE! Prince George celebrates his 2nd birthday (View pics).

Talking about his complete experience of being dressed as the royal baby, Max confessed of learning nothing out of it. He wrote on his website about this social experiment, ‘Prince George is two years old and third in line of succession to the British throne. I am 23 years old and live in a three-person apartment with two windows in Brooklyn. Suffice it to say, even with my 21-year head start, George’s life is objectively better than mine. So, when Mashable gave me the opportunity to live a week in Prince George’s shoes I jumped at the chance.’ Watch this awesome video that will not make you go aww but definitely leave you with smiles.