Just a fortnight away a YouTube video that was doing the rounds on the internet was that of a woman strolling in the streets of NYC for a span of 10 hours. The video showcased how a woman has to go through eve teasing or street harassment day in and day out. The video was made by a non-profit organization called the Hollaback who support of victims of street harassment. And now a similar video has gone viral. In this parody video Princess Leia is seen walking the streets of NYC . (Not just in India, street sexual harassment prevalent in New York City too: Watch video)

This particular video shows Princess Leia, fictional character from the Star Wars walking silently through the streets of Manhattan just like the original video. She is seen wearing a high cut white dress and hair pulled back into doughnut space buns. The video by ‘Are We There Yet’ is a hilarious take on the incident where the lady who walked for 10 hours and the hidden camera footage showed that she received over 100 odd comments from strangers and passerby. Watch: Is Mumbai really safe for a woman in a mini skirt? Or is this video fake!

This video quotes in the end that more than 100 instances of harassment were recorded in the 10 hours featuring people from all the backgrounds including imperial , rebel and unaffiliated. This does not include uncountable blaster discharges, force chokes and bantha droppings. If you have not yet seen  Princess Leia walking on the streets of NYC, check out  10 hours of Princess Leia walking in NYC  here!