Desi girl Priyanka Chopra faced the most awkward question during her recent outing on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The Indian beauty was asked by the show’s host to tell the world about the penis sizes of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, her co-stars from Baywatch movie. A straight-forward question from Andy on which of the two actors had a bigger dick got Priyanka tongue-tied for a moment before she handled it like a pro. Bollywood actress turned global icon Priyanka Chopra is all set for her Hollywood movie debut with Baywatch releasing on June 2, 2017. The video shows a red-faced PeeCee and an amused American actress Amy Brenneman, enjoying every bit of Indian star’s dilemma. Priyanka Chopra was not always a hot Baywatch bikini babe! These pictures of global icon in swimsuit will make you cringe.

Baywatch film is an adaptation of 90s television series of the same name features Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron and the girls around the globe envy Priyanka Chopra for sharing screen space with the Hollywood heartthrobs. The Quantico star who plays a super sexy baddie in the film with Dwayne and Zac as handsome lifeguards. Priyanka Chopra got the taste of upfront American interviews when Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live threw some uncomforting questions at her related to her hot co-stars.

A fun rapid fire on WWHL called the Between a Rock and a Hot Face was played with Priyanka. The 34-year-old star was to choose between Dwayne and Zac to the questions asked by Andy. The segment started with the question ‘who has the highest freak number’ to which Priyanka gave a surprising answer by choosing Dwayne. She said, “I think Dwayne, though people don’t know that about him. He is good at it.” The next question was about which of the two dudes had better abs and this answer from the Quantico girl startled the audiences. She named Zac Efron, choosing over The Rock! Priyanka, in fact, said, “Zac Efron’s abs are little out of the world”. Priyanka Chopra was not always a hot Baywatch bikini babe! These pictures of Global icon in swimsuit will make you cringe

The round of quirky question and answers continued with Andy asking Priyanka about which of the two guys smelled better. The former beauty queen diplomatically handled this one by saying she met both of them on beaches under the hot sun while they were sweating. The most scandalous bit of the show came when the host said who had the ‘bigger trailer’. Amy Brenneman emphasized on the term ‘bigger trailer’ much to the laughter of PeeCee. Seeing so much of conjecture around the question, Andy Cohen went ahead and dropped the bomb by asking the Baywatch villain – who do you think has a bigger dick, The Rock or Zac Efron. Ahem.

Priyanka who was busy giggling suddenly got all defensive and is heard saying, “that was not the part of my question”. Much to the amusement of everyone present in the studio, Priyanka replied saying that the trailer of both Dwayne and Zac was similar. They happily moved forward to the next question where she was asked who was the bigger flirt. The gorgeous diva revealed another shocker by calling both Zac and Dwayne as ‘flirty’. And finally, Priyanka Chopra answered Dwayne Johnson as her choice when asked who she would call if she is arrested. Aww, isn’t that so sweet!