Priyanka Chopra has been declared the official Baywatch babe ever since pictures of the actress chilling in the Miami beach went viral earlier this summer. However, new pictures of PeeCee chilling in the pool in a sexy black bikini are making us swoon. The sexy international actress has taken her clichéd Emmy’s twirl and given it a twist, inside the pool. Video of Priyanka Chopra swirling around the pool has hit the internet and is making Pee Cee fans go gaga. The pictures and videos of Priyanka Chopra’s pool part were first shared by the actress on Instagram. Priyanka Chopra in a sexy blue bikini proves she is a Baywatch girl!

However, an unseen video of Priyanka Chopra’s graceful twirl was shared by her good friend and Quantico co-star, Yasmine Al Massri. The video is bound to leave you mesmerised as PeeCee looks absolutely ravishing in the one piece bikini. The video has Priyanka smiling at the camera with no make-up on, before starting her twirls into the water, making her look like a real-life mermaid. “Yes..She don’t need that dress anymore… Paying homage with my @priyankachopra #versaceonthefloor we love,” Yasmine captioned the slow–mo video. Priyanka Chopra is Eight on World’s Highest Paid TV Actress List.

Priyanka first shared a smoking hot picture of her pool party where she looked like an absolute goddess with the sun shining on her face as she took the perfect summer style pool-dip. The pictures and videos of the actress partying and welcoming the weekend early is perfect to inspire you to actually get out and do something in the long weekend. Priyanka went on an Instagram spree and also shared a self-musing picture in the same black bikini.

Priyanka Chopra’s twirl 2.0 is here

Sun-kissed Pee Cee

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Just some self-musing

Priyanka Chopra fans could not help but marvel at these beautiful pictures and videos of the actress. Priyanka Chopra was recently in news for being the eight highest paid Television actress in the world with an income of USD 10 million from June 2016 to June 2017 and the actress continues to make monumental achievements while remembering to enjoy the little things in life.