Priyanka Chopra has transformed into a beauty goddess who is wooing us with her beach looks and has become a qualified Baywatch girl. However, the global icon who is taking the internet by storm with her hot pictures has some cringe worthy bikini pics that are outrageously gaudy and unreal. Our Desi girl has been showing off her well-toned body and sexy legs right from her Bollywood debut in the 2003 release, Andaaz. Pee Cee has come a long way from her sky blue two piece swimsuit in Andaaz to her more recent navy blue bikini set, and her transformation in fashion is an inspiration for many. Priyanka Chopra was not always a hot Baywatch bikini babe! These pictures of Global icon in swimsuit will make you cringe

Priyanka Chopra, who is currently busy with the promotions of her Hollywood debut movie, Baywatch, has been showing off her sexy side with back to back uploads of bikini pictures from Miami. Our Desi Girl, who is portraying a negative role in the Baywatch movie, has shown her beach babe version in her current Miami visit. However, PeeCee’s relationship with the swimsuit has been strong right from her modelling days. While we cannot stop staring at Priyanka exuding confidence and hotness alike in her swimsuit pictures these days, there have been various questionable bikini choices in her past. Baywatch babe Priyanka Chopra’s new bikini pictures are a sight for sore eyes

Priyanka Chopra has been taking the internet by a storm in the past week with her bikini pictures. The actress was seen hanging out with her friend Adriana Lima at a Miami beach donning a navy blue two-piece bikini set and has since been chilling and enjoying the Miami summer in the West. Her latest addition to the list of her bikini pictures came in the form of another sky blue two piece bikini which had a halter neck. These pictures are making us truly believe that Priyanka Chopra is officially the beach goddess.

priyanka chopra bikini pics 4

Priyanka Chopra chilling in Miami

While the actress’ fashion choices are making us fall in love with her these days, this has not always been the case. Right from her Bollywood debut movie, Andaaz, Priyanka Chopra has been bringing the bikini and swimsuit trends to Bollywood. However, in this process, the actress has made some choices which look incredibly funny and clearly define the long journey that she has had. The beach goddess has done blunders like wearing a gold embellished two piece bikini to wearing a dull light blue bikini under half sleeves shirt. As we enjoy and love the latest pictures from the international star, here are some throwback pictures of Priyanka Chopra in some cringe worth bikini swimsuits!

1. When your bikini matches the sky

priyanka chopra bikini pics 5

2. When animal prints and fringe clothes were a thing

priyanka chopra bikini pics10

3. When you audition for the role of nagin

priyanka chopra bikini pics 8

4. When bae calls you and you need to look sensual

priyanka chopra bikini pics 6

5. When the tailor makes best out of waste

priyanka chopra bikini pics 7

6. When you look back at your past dressing choices

priyanka chopra bikini pics 9

Priyanka Chopra has made a mark on the international platform and is continuing to excel in the field of music and acting. Even after becoming immensely successful in every field she entered, the actress is still striving to be a better version of herself. While we adore her journey and commend her transformation, nobody can deny that some very unattractive fashion choices have been made and we are jubilant that things have changed for the better!