This year’s Wimbledon has sprung up many surprises with the top seed players crashing out from men’s game. This year in all probability we might have a winner who is on the wrong side of 30 since both Roger Federer and Venus Williams have advanced nearer to the title. So obviously, it holds no great surprise that stars and celebrities would grace the occasion to watch the players sweat it out on the Wimbledon’s green turf. It really doesn’t get more magical than seeing Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen hanging out together at a Wimbledon match. Everyone’s favourite witch and wizard of two great fandoms came together to witness a Wimbledon match. Dame Maggie Smith played role of the lovable but strict Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series and Sir Ian McKellen played Gandalf the Grey in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Stephen King and JK Rowling had an epic Twitter conversation after Donald Trump blocked him, Twitterati can’t keep calm over the exchange!

Both Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen was spotted on Wednesday watching some of the sweet tennis action during the Wimbledon series. And from the pictures that surfaced on social media both of them had an awesome time together. Their excitement and energy had to be seen to be believed. The Harry Potter books were written by JK Rowling whereas the Lord of the Rings books was authored by JRR Tolkien. Many people as well the makers of Harry Potter wanted Sir Ian McKellen to play the role of Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter, but he politely declined since he was already a main member of Lord of the Rings fandom and fantasy series that was similar to Harry Potter. Harry Potter star Tom Felton sings and plays guitar on the streets of Prague but people fail to recognize him! (Watch video)

See them in action below:

It seems that great wizards these two might be as playing the roles of Gandalf the Grey and Professor Minerva McGonagall and well loved all over the world but the magic produced by a certain Roger Federer on tennis courts left them spellbound too. Tennis is not Quidditch but for a non-magical muggle sport it isn’t too bad. Stupefied, we must say!