From space travel to heath care sector, we have had a breakthrough in a log of fields thanks to technological developments. But do you know 12 million girls have been aborted in the past three decades. This video by Desi Talkies is an attempt to spread awareness about female foeticide.

This 2- minute video succeeds to share the reality of what could be the possibility if there were no girl child killed in the womb, even before they are born. They have aptly captures the seriousness of the issue by sharing with us hopes and desires of a girl child. It is indeed saddening that we are still facing such social evils, wherein people still practice female foeticide.

The video shares a possibility and a glimpse of hope of what could have been a better opportunity for these women who could have done so much in their life if only they were given a choice.

The child sex ration in India has dropped drastically in the past few years, to spread awareness about the same and to eradicate female foeticide the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme was initiated for welfare services meant for women. It is high time now to stop sex selective abortion. The latest video by the Desi Talkies serves as a platform to discuss about the same. Watch the video below.Stop female foeticide, save girl child.