PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) has become the addiction of many which have also resulted in severe actions that they have undertaken under the influence of the game. Recently, a 19-year-old mother from Gujarat wants to get divorced from her husband so that she could live with her online gaming partner. She called up women’s helpline seeking help to get the divorce done. On the request of the woman, the helpline assigned a counselling team. The team visited the woman’s house to talk about the issue with the family.

When the counselling team talked to the woman’s family they found out that she is spending a lot of time playing PUBG which has also led to a lot of differences between the woman and the family.

Project head of the helpline, Narendrasinh told Indian Express they have received around 550 calls a day from the woman. He further said, “Usually mothers would call complaining that their children were addicted to PUBG, however, this was the first call of its kind.”

“As a policy of Abhayam helpline, the counsellors didn’t force a decision on the lady and just counselled her on the options available to her. The woman said she needs time to think about it and will call the helpline if she needs further help”, he added.

Sonal Sagathiya, counsellor in charge of the team, who met the woman said, “The woman was offered to stay at a rehabilitation centre in Ahmedabad. The woman refused the suggestion straightaway as the rehab centre did not allow the use of mobile phones.”

Recently, an Emirati woman seeks a divorce from her husband because he stopped her from playing the online game, PUBG. The woman went to the police station seeking help after the fight between the couple went violent. The main reason behind the husband stopping his wife from playing the game was that he feared that she would become addicted and as a result will neglect her duties as a wife.