The Rajkot Police has banned online multi-player game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) as children were getting addicted to the game and it was adversely affecting their studies. Also, to control increasing violence amongst children who are addicted to it.

As per the notice, the ban will be implemented in Rajkot from tomorrow i.e. March 9 to April 30. As per the police, anyone can complain and inform the nearest police station against people playing the game. Strict action will be taken against them under Central Government Act under Section 188.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has already recommended a ban on the game across the country. In January, a case of PUBG addiction landed a fitness trainer in Jammu’s hospital. Reportedly, the fitness trainer got addicted to playing PUBG and had to be admitted to the hospital after he started hitting himself on completing one round and thus ended up injuring himself.

Rajkot Police’s social media account also shared the notification. Take a look here:


A similar notification has been issued against the viral ‘Momo Challenge’, a viral hoax challenge in which an unknown stranger allegedly entices users to indulge in harmful, even fatal acts. The challenge encourages children and teens to commit increasingly brazen acts of self-harm and criminality.

It is noteworthy that in earlier this year, Surat became the first city to ban PUBG. A notification from the Commissioner’s Office has been published in this regard and is set to come into effect on 15th March. In fact, on January 23, the Gujarat government had written to the Centre, seeking a complete ban on the game app.

PUBG recently responded in a statement by saying that the company will take measures to make the game more responsible.