A couple in Pune have set an example for people to follow. They planted 101 saplings in Malshiras for Rs 50,000 to celebrate the birth of their daughter. Ranjeet and Neha Naik planted trees on Sunday after the baby’s naming ceremony. Instead of having a grand ceremony, the couple decided to plant trees that will benefit the next generation. The nature lovers also donated 50 more saplings to students of a local school to add more greenery.

While Ranjeet runs an AutoCad software training institute in Kothrud, Neha is a professor at a Symbiosis institute in Viman Nagar. They were blessed with a baby girl on August 18 earlier this year. The couple’s friends and family also supported their decision and helped in the plantation drive around 55km. They planted different types of plants including mango, Chiku, coconut palm, Gulmohar, banyan, Java plum, tamarind, etc. Following the work, a cake was cut for the one and half month old, Alisha. The plantation was a success with the local rural community welcoming the event.

Talking about the couple’s decision, The Times of India quoted Ranjeet as saying, “When I first mentioned this tree plantation idea to my kith and kin, they were enthused. Luckily for us, a friend suggested this spot in Malshiras, where he owns some agricultural land that happens to be open for plantation.This gave us 3.5 acres of land to plant new trees; there was no water problem either, as there is a pond in the area and we plan to deploy a water tanker.

Image: Pune Mirror

Image: Pune Mirror

Planting may be easy, but it is more important to maintain the trees.”

Meanwhile, Neha spoke about the unequal sex ratio in the country and the need to protect the girl child. She was quoted saying, “The decline of females in India’s sex ratio has been unstoppable. Women are one half of society and equals in every respect to men. To bring about social equilibrium, it is necessary to raise awareness about saving the girl child. Ecological awareness is equally important. We felt an effort for both should start from our home, and we hope our child’s generation follows this trend. We look forward to seeing the trees grow with her.”