Dogs are known for their loyalty. They are the most selfless creatures on the earth and a recent incident proved it once again. Ramesh Sancheti, a Pune based doctor has been taking care of Brownie, a female canine for the past 16 years. Little did he know that the latter would pay him back by saving his life. According to a report in Pune Mirror, Sancheti’s neighbour Amit Shah kept some food for the dog. However, she refused to eat it and hinted that something was amiss. As Shah was confused by the dog’s behaviour, he peered into the window and found Dr Sancheti collapsed on the floor.

He suffered a partial paralytic attack, followed by a minor cardiac arrest. At that time, none of his family members were at home. Thus, the uneasy behaviour of the dog gathered the attention of Shah, who lived in the first floor of the same building. He broke the door lock and rushed Ramesh to the hospital.

Amit told Mirror, “She kept raising up with difficulty and placing her front legs on the window, looking inside. Initially, I was quite confused, but when I went nearer, a gap in the window revealed to me that the doctor had collapsed on the floor.”

Ramesh’s son Amit Sancheti said, “It was only the dog who alerted Shah and saved my father’s life.”

It seems like the dog has finally returned the favour as Ramesh would not have escaped the situation without her.