Pune: Geeta Kale, a housemaid from Pune has become the new internet sensation after her visiting card went viral on social media. After the card captured the attention of netizens, Kale has been flooded with job offers from all over the country.

It all happened when Dhanashree Shinde, one of Kale’s employers found her ‘visibly upset’ after she returned home from office. When she enquired, Kale revealed that she had lost one of her jobs due to a “situational issue” and that meant a loss of Rs 4000 per month.

It was then that Shinde, who was earlier the digital head for an ad agency, put her skills to use and crafted a visiting card for Geeta. Within 24 hours, Shinde designed and print around 100 smart business card with Kale’s name on it describing her work and salary per chore. She also helped Kale, who she fondly calls “Maushi” to hand them out around the neighbourhood with the help of the society watchman.

Asmita Javdekar, a Facebook user, narrated the entire episode of how the card came into existence.

“Ghar Kaam Maushi in Bavdhan. Aadhaar card verified,” reads the visiting card which has brought in numerous calls and job offers for Kale from all over the country.

“This seemingly small step taken towards extending help catapulted into an unimaginable reaction! Not only has this unique business card become an overnight internet sensation but also, Maushi’s phone just hasn’t stopped ringing,” the Facebook post says.

Well, the internet is delighted with this sweet story and this small act of kindness has earned Dhanashree a lot of praise from all over the country!